Is everything that simple?

We help at all stages of recruitment and further stay.

  • How do we work?

    By taking the first step together with PartWork, you go through several stages of employment.

  • Consulting

    Our specialists will advise you on all issues related to employment, legalization and residence in the Republic of Poland.

  • Arrival and work

    Upon arrival, you sign the employment contract and other required documents. We will also advise you on how to get to your place of residence and work. And then you get to work.

  • Salaries and advances

    At PartWork, we reward our employees well for their work, the pay is always proportional to the expectations of the vacancy. Salaries always come on time, and if money is needed in advance, just ask for it.

  • Wide job offer

    PartWork is a Polish employment agency. You will find a wide range of jobs here. It will help you get a permanent job with payment on time. And it will also allow you to start planning your future without any problems

  • Top quality services

    PartWork has been providing its clients with top quality services for 7 years - We are a proven employment agency you can trust.

  • Experience

    PartWork permanently employs specialists with many years of experience in their field, so that we provide our services professionally.

  • Guarantee

    No matter what job you choose, we will be your direct employer for the entire period of work. We also guarantee that we will take care of your salary, health insurance, taxes and preparation of all documents.

  • Stability

    PartWork has been working for 7 years. We consistently serve and pay on time, and if money is needed in advance, just ask for it.

  • Reliability

    Hundreds of our employees have trusted us, and we work closely with regular companies, and that's why we rank high in the ranking of reliable companies.