Frequently asked questions

If you are looking for a job in Poland or Europe – contact our advisors: tel. / Viber: +48 515 204 200 or +48 517 589 300. You will receive the necessary information about what documents / conditions you need to meet to start work, as well as the most up-to-date information.

In addition, our legalization department will take care of all your documents and expedite the issuance of documents necessary to start working in Poland.
wydawania dokumentów niezbędnych do rozpoczęcia pracy w Polsce.

PartWork is not only an Employment Agency in Poland. You will find everything you need to get the best services. No matter what job you choose, we will be your direct employer for the entire period of work. We will take care of your salary, health insurance, taxes and preparation of all documents. We also guarantee that you will receive your tax refund in your bank account. There are no intermediaries between you and the job.

If illegal employment is detected in Poland or another European country, using Poland as an example, you may face: a fine of up to 5,000 zlotys. A ban on entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland and other Schengen countries for up to 3 years.

Remember that our PartWork agency will not only pay your salary, but also pay all necessary taxes. You will have all the rights-guaranteed salary, social security, properly drafted documents. The employment contract specifies the working conditions, schedule, salary, conditions of stay.

We are an officially registered Poland company, we have been successfully operating in the employment agency business for more than 6 years.

In addition, we are a direct employer, not an intermediary.

PESEL is necessary to identify a person in Poland, and NIP is the code of an individual taxpayer. It is worth remembering this if you plan to work and live in Poland, and want to pay taxes under the same conditions as Polish citizens.

To always be in touch in Poland with our office or with your family you need to choose one of the telephone operators. Once you have chosen an operator, you must contact their office or mobile reception points to register your new phone number using your passport. Most operators provide free Starter Packs with multilingual activation instructions.

You will also need your phone number for various documents.

Each of our employees receives the salary on a personal bank account in a Polish bank. In order to get your salary to your bank account, you need to contact one of the Polish banks.

Most banks use a simplified procedure for opening bank accounts. Banks make it easier to open the accounts by reducing the paperwork (shorter list of necessary documents and formalities). Detailed information can be obtained from the selected branch of the bank you intend to contact or from the website of the specific branch.

Once employed, you receive:

  • High competitive salary that will help you to create your comfort zone. From 3,500 to 9,000 PLN ( net)
  • Premium 300+ system
  • We prepare all documents, including: work permit, residence permit and even residence card
  • Legal work
  • Multilingual coordinator
  • ZUS health insurance

We are an international company that has seven years of experience in hiring and legalizing new employees from various countries such as Poland, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India and many other countries. We have an individual approach for each client. We guarantee that you will get the position you need.

It entitles foreigners to stay in the country, work and travel for one to three years. What is a residence card? It is a unified Permit that allows you to work and stay in Poland without a visa. It is needed by foreigners who want to stay in Poland for more than three months.

Each employee receives all the necessary information and instructions for complex actions after obtaining a work permit. If you are already in Poland and you forget something or don’t understand something – all your questions will be answered by our consultants.