We guarantee job stability!

The PartWork team provides a guarantee of legal employment in Europe for every candidate who uses the company’s services.

PartWork is not only an employment agency in Europe

With us, you will find everything you need to get the best service possible. No matter which job you choose, we will be your direct employer. We will take care of your wages, health insurance, taxes and the preparation of all documents. We also make sure you get your tax refund in your bank account. There are no middlemen between you and the job.

Legal employment

When looking for a job in Poland and abroad, it is important to guarantee legal employment. It is important to remember that using unreliable companies entails the risk of not getting the right job or help. Furthermore, it may not be safe to be in a foreign country without full certainty.

Legal and compliant employment is guaranteed by PartWork. We are an officially registered Polish company and we have been successfully working in the field of employment for more than 7 years.

Help with many important issues

In addition, we are a direct employer, not an intermediary. We guarantee our clients who ask us for help with finding employment in Europe:

  1. Assistance in preparing a package of documents required for employment in Europe. It includes consultations, medical insurance (ZUS), a letter of guarantee and an employment contract.
  2. Official employment.
  3. Social guarantees according to the legal framework of the country in which you will be employed.
  4. Decent wages, and transparency of financial calculations. The salary shall come to your bank account.
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We help you to find a job abroad for people with no experience and for skilled professionals. We offer jobs for men, women and couples from verified companies, as well as from private entrepreneurs from the EU.